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Frequently Asked Questions


If you choose the registrar on which the DotCom is already registered, then the transfer will take anywhere between 12-24hours after you have created an account with the registrar. However, if you want the transfer to be made to the registrar of your choice, then the transfer can take anywhere between 24hours to a few weeks. In some cases the process is slightly cumbersome as it requires a lot of communication between the buyer, our customer service team and the customer service team of the registrar.

We charge "NO" commission to the buyer. Our commission is paid by the seller and ranges between 5-15% of the sale amount, depending on the value of the domain.

This happens very rarely however there are sometimes when two buyers buy the same DotCom at the same time however the payment processor of one is faster than the other by a minute or so. In such cases, we have to go by the payment log and the refund to the buyer who didn't get the domain is made within a few hours alongwith a 50$ OFF voucher that can be used storewide within the next 90days.

We are a startup founded by a pro-domainer who's has been in the Business since 2001. Dotcom Matters came into formal existence only with one clear intention of tracking premium brand names and connecting it to real Businesses that can benefit from using the DotCom. Click on OUR STORY to know more.