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Authoritative DotCom

In today’s time, your customers don't wait till they come to know about you through word of mouth or seeing your paid ad.

Most online businesses get found by the customer searching a category or niche on google or any other search engine.

What is an Authoritative DotCom?

An Authoritative DotCom as the word suggests commands authority in your line of work. Such DotCom's when optimized with effective SEO can help you feature on the first page of Search Engines.

An Authoritative DotCom holds a very high perceived value for the online audience as in most times the keywords match their thought process which makes it easy to trust the brand/content.

I have a Branded Business, how can I use it?

Authoritative DotComs have always been bought by established brands to kill the competition they may face from medium businesses in their line of work. However, the tables are turning. Medium and small businesses (brands) have become more aware of this tactic and now have started running their own content website to direct traffic to their existing Business Website.

Can I use it as my primary website?

Of course. However, we only recommend businesses to rebrand their online presence if they still haven't achieved a lot of traction to their existing website. While they do so, if required, they can still keep their physical store branded with their old brand as their local customers identify with it and create an online presence with a different brand name.

Would it be an exhausting affair to make the content-based SEO website to drive traffic?

Not at all. You can just create a short blog with 4 to 5 niche driven topics with all the relevant keywords integrated into the content. You can also post some dynamic ad banners on the website which helps create a recall to your original brand.

How many types of Authoritative Dotcom's exist?

Primarily two types. Location-based & Niche based Authoritative DotCom.

Location-Based DotCom: These DotComs include the name of the country or city along with the niche. Upon discovery, the audience tends to create a perception that the DotCom would have more relevant information than the others. ex. 

Niche-Based DotCom: These DotComs include only the niche keywords and work great if the service/product can be delivered digitally or shipped globally. ex.

The Internet and the ways to attract an audience to your website are evolving daily and will continue to do so. However, one thing that will stay constant forever is the power of a DotCom. It's the oldest and most trusted extension and will never go out of fashion.

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