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Domain Investment - Truly Passive

"An income ain't passive if you have to keep working regularly"

Domain Investment (explained in detail here) has been the simplest form of passive income over the years. The process* is idiot-proof:

  • Buy a Premium Domain
  • List it on a premium auction marketplace at 5/6x the value
  • Wait for the closest offer
  • Make a sale
  • Renew @ 9/12$ (if not sold)

We strictly suggest beginning Domain Investments with DotCom extensions only. Extensions like .net/.org/.co/.biz, etc have very little interest in the auction market and an approximate of 89% domain sales are DotCom's

As hundreds of DotCom are sold/flipped or invested in each day, the shortage is bound to reach its peak within a few years and it's estimated that the valuation will reach the sky.

We are hopeful to see such times soon for our customers and investors alike.

Do feel free to connect with us if you have any queries or want us to help you build your domain portfolio.

* Do remember that the process applies to premium dotcoms. The waiting period before you make a sale can depend anywhere between 7days to a couple of years. The above process doesn't apply to hand registered domains (in most cases) as premium domains are mostly aged.