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Our Story

Who Are We?

We are DotCom Negotiators. We are DotCom Acquirers. We are DotCom Marketeers.

In simpler words, we keep browsing Domain Auctions. We identify potential DotCom's that have high value keywords or are brandable. We get in touch with the owner and we ask them a price they are most comfortable in selling if the sale is instant. In some cases we instantly buy it and add it to our portfolio and in the rest of the cases we seek exclusivity to find a buyer for them by marketing their DotCom and we list it at a price they are most comfortable in selling.

DotCom negotiation is a process of experience and expertise. It's a game of "who blinks first" when it comes to premium DotCom acquisitions. The moment the seller estimates the value it holds for the buyer's business, the expectations of the seller rises and the price goes sky high. 

This is where we come into the picture to ensure that our client (the buyer) ends up spending a price that is closest to the truest value the domain holds.

With several acquisitions for clients and investors alike, we try our best to contact the investor without revealing the identity of the actual buyer to ensure that the seller doesn't start acting pricey.

How did it all start?
We have been DotCom Investors ourselves, though not the stereotypical one's (chasing valuation). Our passion about the Business is more inclined towards being associated with Witty & Powerful brand names which can be in actual use by a brand rather than staying listed in some auction for the  price to multiply.
Being associated with branding, marketing and advertising for the past several years has helped us understand how brands think and what they need? We also understand that all startups or solopreneurs can't pay 2000$ for a DotCom, however not acquiring that one particular name you love is not the end of the road as there are several similar names which can replace your first infatuation with a name.

While saying so, we also understand the plight of the Investor who has relentlessly held on to several domains for 5-7 years expecting that one day the deal would be fruitful for his patience to find the right Buyer. Hence, it's totally unfair for us to offer that investor 300-400$ for a DotCom worth 4/5k. Even if we feel it's fair, they mostly don't take the offer :D

Our Primary Line of Business :

As Negotiators: We Identify DotComs which will be more valuable to a Business if sold rather then staying put at a Domain Marketplace. Once we come across a valuable DotCom, we reach out to the Domain Investor asking him his lowest offer for the DotCom if the deal is instant. Once we have a price at hand, we research and reach out to potential businesses that might benefit from using it. We try to explain the worth of the DotCom, if used efficiently and the moment we get a go ahead from a potential client, we initiate final negotiations with the seller and seal the deal at the earliest.

As Acquirers: We identify DotComs which are at a steal deal for various reasons like bulk sale/ Investor exiting the Business/ Investor upping his game to deal only in 5+ figure DotComs, etc. Such DotCom deals are rarely found but when found, they are a great proposition for our regular clients that are Investors, Small Businesses, Startups, Solopreneurs, etc.

Our DotCom collection :
Most of our Acquired DotCom's belong to the Authoritative or Brandable Category and all of them can be put instant use. After buying a DotCom, if you don't end up using it, you'll still have an asset who's value will mature with time and will fetch you a profit.

Please browse our collection to find a name that you'll fall in love with...