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Return & Refund Policy

With a heavy heart, we regret to inform that unlike other Business Models we are in no position to accept returns or issue a refund.

Here's why...

As we are a third-party marketplace which enables the transfer of a DotCom from a seller(investor) to a buyer(end user), once the payment is received, it's immediately transferred to the seller by an automated process. The receipt of payment triggers the transfer process in the buyers name. In all this process, we aren't entitled to a refund from the seller if you have a change of mind.

However we want you to be rest assured about two things:

The DotCom you have bought is and will always be an investable DotCom and you'll reap the benefits of it if you let it mature for a few years.

Incase, if all remedies fail and you do not want to keep the DotCom, you can write to us on (within 72 hours of the purchase) . Once the return transfer to our suggested account is made, we will create a store credit voucher for you which you can use while buying any other DotCom from us of the same or lower value. You can buy a higher value DotCom by paying the difference.

The voucher can be transferred to a friend or relative if you intend to do so, however the same should be communicated to us on before you intent to transfer.

Do feel free to contact us if you have any more queries.